[Japanese maple] After a plant cutting ~ Method for planting cutting AND some notes ~ an example of failure

At first, my English is poor but I like English language. I wanted to trancelate my article and if it’ll be a help of the people who try to plant cutting, I’m happy. Thank you.

Your worries after planting cuttings are…. 

・Whether it rooted?

・Is it successful?

・How long takes times it gets any roots?

I guess there are some worries and exciting feelings when you get to plant cuttings.


Method of planting (Japanese maple) cuttings

First, I’m going to introduce my method of Japanese maple’s planting cuttings with a couple of pictures. 

I’m happy if it will be your reference of your first try of cuttage.

What is a planting cuttage? ・・・ To cut and get some cuttage scions from a plant (tree) and get roots from them.

My way of a plant cutting (Japanese maple)

◇Cuttage scions

◇Rooting bed

◇Rooting-promoting agent

◇To put them

Let’s see above things with the pictures.

Cuttage scion

To put the cuttage scions in the water with Menede-ru for a few hours.

I reduce the number of the cuttage scion’s leaves or cut the leaves for making smaller.

Rooting bed

Akadama soil + Kanuma soil


Akadama soil + Kanuma soil + expanded vermiculite

The rooting bed got plenty of the wather first.

Rooting-promoting agent

I always use Ru-ton. It looks like potato starch.

To put them

To make hole on the soil and put cuttage scions carefully.

Avoid rain, winds and sunlight directory.

Don’t move them for going up survival rate. 

I tried for 3 Orihime momiji in this time.

How long takes times it gets any roots?

It depends on climate, situation of the place and so on.

I keep leaving them untouched for a month or so.

↑Do you see a root?

It took a month or more so I saw in the soil then found a root. It was beautiful!

Make sure

You need to observe for 1 month or 2 months. If the cuttage scions go wilting, unluckily it’s failure.

I feel it’s successful, if the cuttage scions are lively.

Go up success rate

・Roothing-promothing agent

・Not move

・Not too much water

・Put them in a sade in the begining

An example failure

I felt the leaves was going wilting.

So I decided to grub up it.

↑It didn’t have any roots, it meant failure.

Thank you for reading until here.

Please let me know if you found mistakes.